Dubai Design District

    This is a modern space of the city, which is built up with unique residential complexes created by artists and architects of the fashion world. This is not a cluster with hotels or apartments for comfortable living, but a business complex that hosts many exhibitions, cultural events, fashion shows, and meetings of fashion houses from all over the world.


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      Residential neighborhood features

      Dubai Design District (second name: d3) was specifically created for the architectural world: artists, designers, and fashion figures. Here are mainly concentrated apartments and headquarters of famous fashion designers, fashion houses, as well as fashion offices of modern communities.

      D3 is a whole cluster of creative representatives of the fashion world, which annually attracts many talented “colleagues” from all over the world. Every day, within the walls of the buildings, all new designs are formed and brought to life.


      Economic attractiveness

      In d3, in addition to residential and office space, you can find modern supermarkets, stores, art galleries, exhibition centers, showrooms, cafes and restaurants. If you have come to Dubai and want to find a unique and unrepeatable thing for yourself or as a gift, then you must visit this quarter and celebrate your bargain with coffee and dessert, which will not leave you indifferent. We are sure you will get not only a lot of aesthetic, but also gastronomic pleasure.


      Description of the area

      The walls of the parking lots here are decorated with the works of the famous British artist of Iraqi origin Marwan Shakarchi, better known by his pseudonym Myneandyours.

      Real estate in the Dubai Design District

      The best houses and apartments from developers
      Exclusive residential complex with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments aimed at creative people.
      Площадь Square: from 73 m²
      Цена Price: from 605 000 AED

      Real estate in the Dubai Design District

      Convenient transportation allows you to be mobile and get anywhere by public transport: streetcars, buses, subway – all available to everyone who spends time in this “business district”. The D03 and D03A bus stops allow you to get to the central shopping center and points of interest. On the outside, the business district is a contemporary art complex, where every detail of the building is a piece of invested talent from artists all over the world. The ends of the spaces and the walls of the parking lots are decorated with works by Marwan Shakarchi, a British artist of Iraqi origin who creates under the pseudonym Myneandyours.


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